Thursday, July 23, 2009

Has the Time come ?

Well ....

Funnily enough I have been reading a book by Gene Simmons. Now I am one to read various authors and genres but Gene Simmons has never hit my radar. I saw the book in the library and wondered about picking it up. Also funnily enough, I left it alone but my husband picked it up. Now he is not a reader and his only genres are golf and millwright books.

So far this book has made me feel like an underachiever. I said to my husband this morning - I don't need confirmation that I don't work hard enough. I'm already aware. Gene Simmons is a a working crazy man. He has been since he was a little boy. I don't know that I'm willing to work that hard to get stuff. I don't really like stuff. I like experiences. Trips, museums, etc. I would however like to get rid of my second hand furniture so maybe some stuff wouldn't be bad.

My husband once again pointed out that I am not reading a book that will "improve" me. Not that he thinks I need improving but he does believe I should use my ability to read to do more for my life. This conversation did make me realize one thing - I don't want to read about how to write. I think I have a fairly good idea how to do that. What I need is someone to read my stuff and tell me if I should do anything with it ? Is there a genre for my type of writing that I could make money through ? Sort of like Carrie Bradshaw but without the vibrators.

So that is my next step. I think the time has come to attend some writing workshops, courses, etc. and see if I have what it takes to do something with this "talent" of mine.