Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Putting It Out There

Well ....

Now the damn font won't change no matter what I do ???

Have you ever realized how much information is out there about you ? Strange. I just clicked on a link on someone else's blog and saw myself set up on the site. Do you think I remember joining that site or how to get back into it ?? Not on your life. Have no idea. It's gets me to wondering how many other damn things I've put my name on and forgotten about. How much of me is floating out there in cyberspace ? Has anyone invented a clean up tool which will find all the sites, emails and other crap you've signed up for but don't remember ? Now that would be a useful invention.

Needless to say, I seem to be over my earlier predilection for self pity and have moved on to blogging again. Having looked at the clock and realizing I have to get up in 6 hours to work out, I will make the effort to rest my brain and think up more titilating tales for another time.


It's Been A Long Time


That damn font still hasn't fixed itself. Maybe it's sulking as I've been away.

I got tired of writing and nobody looking. Maybe the draw of a crowd is buried in my subconcious. Or maybe I'm just a raging narcisist ? Eh - who knows ?

Either way - things have been busy. Crazy busy as my husband would say. Another year of school and Guiding has passed. Both went reasonably well. Husband got laid off again. Shocking I know ! Husband got new job and got laid off again. More shocks heard round the world. My world at least. Kids got bullied in school. I yelled at the school. They did nothing. The gasps of shock continue to suck oxygen out of the room.

Overall it actually was a good year. As we gear up for another kick at the can, I am excited. My boy is getting into Self Contained education. My girl is going to be taught how to stand up for herself and kick the crap out of whomever chooses to bully her this year. The husband is heading back to school as well and should have the golden ticket by January. And me ? I'll still be sitting here writing to no one. Now that shouldn't shock anyone....