Wednesday, November 14, 2007

All About Her


Sometimes in my musings about my son, I forget about my daughter. Not for long mind you but she does get shunted to the back of the chaos which is my mind. She is doing well in school. She makes friends easily. She has no behavioral issues other than attitude which she comes by honestly. So I don't fret about her much unless she is attached to my leg for something.

Last Friday was a very special day for my daughter. She had been chosen to be in the color guard party for the Remembrance Day ceremony at school. I knew about this. I had seen the notice briefly but my husband had signed it so I didn't pay attention. I didn't realize parents could go. Friday morning arrives, she is all spiffed out in her Brownie uniform and at 8:00am asks what time I will be arriving. Arriving for what I ask ? At this point a little alarm bell goes off and I sense what is coming - parents are allowed. Dang it. I let her know that I probably won't be able to make it on such short notice from work. She is greatly disappointed and I immediately decide I will be there - but I don't tell her.

I get to work and we are immediately in to a staff meeting which lasts until 945. I have no chance to ask my boss if I can take my lunch to go and see my daughter. I tell her as I am running out the door and thanks be to God she understands.

I arrive at the school and park myself in the very back of the gym where I know she will be coming in. At this point, she still has no clue that I am there. I turn. I see her. She does not see me. She looks around. She looks sad. So me being me pops out from behind the flag and shout/whispers - Hey Booboo ! The smile could have lit the planet for years. Immediately she becomes bright and shiny and proud. Gone is the sad face and gloomy expression. Mama has arrived. She now walks proudly with a shy smile on her face as she accompanies the United Nations Flag to the front of the gym. I took pictures of her going up the aisle, down the aisle, all over the aisle. I teared up for the next hour as we remembered our veterans and those we lost in war.

For the next two days, Vanessa reminded me of how I'd shown up. She smiled every time. I always worry about making happy memories for my children. I wonder if they will remember the day trips, the trips to the library, the movies, the stories, the presents, baking together or some of the other sundry things we do. I know she will remember this. Her mama arrived and was very proud of her.


One Wacky Mom said...

Well hello Elizabeth. I was just reading you blog and I like it. Sometimes I wish I would have written would make it so much easier for me. That way the world doesn't know its me...all about whole family.

Keep your last name anonymous. It seems the world knows who I am and now I know the everyone know about my life. Sometimes I don't think that's the greatest idea.

It didn't start out that way. I've been writing my blog for a long time...

I like what you write. It's funny how some times people will show up on my blog and don't realize I've be doing it for ages now. Have hundreds of readers...

My work out my buddy to me know Ev I love reading comments from your fan club. I thought that was hilarious.

I loved your comments about steel toed boots. It's good to know I"m not the only with steel toed boots...sometimes I have steel toed mouth...and a steel toed mind.

That's why my son's alive.

I like the boots. I like your blog...I think you've got a good head on your shoulders! Come back often.

Elizabeth P. said...

Many thanks Wacky mom. I wasn't going to share my blog initially but I am thinking about writing as a freelance career. I was told to write - so I write. Plus I hate it when my frustration spills onto my son so I let it out, let it go, and let it be gone.

I like the way you think too.
Have a great day !