Wednesday, January 2, 2008

He wants to belong


Christmas is over with much ado. My boy enjoyed himself as he always does. He has believed in magic for as long as I can remember and I value his imagination even more at these times. His belief is guileless which I truly enjoy. His favorite present ? His anatomy book from my brother. All other present opening stopped at that point. He was so engrossed in the book he didn't even realize he had more presents to open. My girl ? She tore through them with abandon. She refers to Santa and I think she is trying to still believe but it appears to be becoming a challenge. I've told her that I believe in Santa with a true heart and I do. I believe in the spirit of giving. I believe in looking out for others. I believe in the happiness I see on my children's face Christmas morning. I thoroughly enjoy that. We weren't able to give as much as I'd have liked to Charity this year. I did donate to the food bank and to the Salvation Army for the teachers but we didn't do toys this year. Next year I will make sure.
During all this hullabaloo, Thomas and I had a conversation that showed me my boy is changing and we are heading in to a new time in his life. He wants to join a "club" at school and they won't let him. This has never seemed to bother him before. He seemed to be content to just do his own thing. Now it seems to be an issue. Not large. Not insurmountable but definitely signifying change. I'm not sure what this "club" is about but it involves boys and his friend Jeffrey is campaining to have him included. God love Jeffrey. I'm not sure where this is heading or what I can do to help him. This will be an adventure for both of us as he discovers that he is different from other kids and I hold back from strangling the kids who make him realize this.
My boy is growing in many ways. I hope he never loses the wonder of Santa. I know I haven't. But I hope he is able to change and grow in ways that allow him to fit in better at school. If it doesn't bother him, I am going to try to not let it bother me. Maybe we both need to grow and change during this time. Maybe next year growth and change will be on my list for the jolly man to bring. Chocolate just makes my butt bigger and gives me migraines anyway...
The best of 2008 to all.

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