Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Bora Bora


I have a friend. A very good friend it turns out. She has become my sista from another mista over time. She shared her happy place the other day. Apparently she visits Bora Bora when things are tough. I liked that idea so I've asked to join her on occasion. My friend - she has an A child as well. She is my sounding board. My cheering section. My shoulder when I need to lean. I hope I do the same for her. She has told me that I do.

My friend's A child is a bundle of sunshine. He is bright. He is funny. He is full of wonder. He has the most loving face you could ever want to see. He is caring. He is so much thanks to my friend. Her A child has different challenges than mine. She has had to fight harder. To love harder. To be harder to help her A child. She has taught me so much about my own A child. She helps me to see what I cannot sometimes. She helps me to see what a gift my A child is. What a wonder it is that he chose me to be his parent, that I have been allowed the gift of having him be all mine. She helps me to see past my resentment and to understand that it is ok. She helps me to feel good about myself again after not liking myself for so long.

I guess you could say she is my A friend. Amiable. Admirable. Appealing. Amazing. Amazonian. Articulate. Artistic. Ablaze. Amen. I like to think I am her B friend. I'll leave the adjectives to her.

I thank God routinely for my friends. They help me grow and learn and change. They help shape who I am and who my kids will become. I believe that God sends people in to our lives for a reason and that they are sent to help shape who we are. All I can say is - Thank God for that.

Bora Bora - it's a nice place to visit thanks to my A friend.

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Jessica said...

You my friend, can travel to Bora Bora with me anytime you would like. There aren't many people i would invite to tag along, but we share so many commonalities, lean on eachother when we need to and have so many laughs together. For you, i am grateful. You really don't give yourself enough credit, you are a gift to your son. I know one day he will realize how much you love and adore him, and just how much you have done for him. He is one lucky little boy.

P.S. When you get to Bora Bora....ask for Jose at the ocean side bar...he will hook you up with a great pineapple drink. LOL