Monday, August 20, 2007

Well one can't leave out the other child can one ? The sibilng of The A Child - the B child if you will. My 8 year old ball of fire, slayer of dragons, keeper of the flame, kicker of the butt.

My daughter gives me hope that there are women out there who can kick butt. She is feisty, smart, daring, caring, loving, strong, stubborn and she takes up my heart as well. My poor husband is left with the dreggs but he got the good stuff first so he can suck it up. They take up his heart as well.

I will give my daugther all the guidance that I needed but never got. She will be given what she needs to be comfortable in her own skin. She will be given what she needs so she feels no guilt or shame in saying NO. She will grow up knowing that she is loved no matter what. She will know that her father and mother love her and support her even when she makes mistakes. She will be allowed to fail and make it her own.

I always say my daughter will either take over the world or kick the crap out of whomever is in charge. I believe that. I believe that my children were born to change the world.

As the sibling of an A child, she knows what challenges people can go through. She knows that kids can be mean. She knows that life is not always fair. She has learned how to compromise. She has learned that you stick up for your brother even when he is a goof and ticks you off. She has learned that her brother will stick up for her even when she is a goof and ticks him off.

She writes her brother letters telling him how much she loves him. She finds him during school to make sure he is ok. To get a hug if she needs it but no one is watching. She sends him little pictures she has drawn of her best brother and best friend. She also beats the heck out of him on a regular basis. She loves him fiercely.

My daughter. She is someone that I hope to be. She has the world at her feet and I hope I can be a positive part of the journey.

The B Child - what a wonderful thing for an A child to have.

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Elizabeth P. said...

i love you mommy and whoever reads this everything is true!i do beat the crap out of my brother still!so all i have to say is....I LOVE YOU MAMA!